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die Agentur hat einen Kinect - Forschung, Forschung, Forschung... wissen schon

3D scanner


    Render->Show Vertex Normals
    Filters->Point Set -> Compute Normals
    Neighbors 16
    Flip Normals checked
    -1000 Z
    Filters->SamplingFilters-> Poisson-disk
    Base Mesh Sampling Checked
    Filters->Point Set->Surface Reconstruction: Poisson
    Octree: 12
    Solver: 7
    Filters->Remeshing->LS3, 3 Iterations (default)
    Filters->Sampling->Vertex Attrib Transfer
    Source: *.ply
    Target: Poisson Mesh
    Transfer Geometry
    Transfer Normal
    Filters->Cleaning->Remove Duplicate Vertex

KinFu tickt in Metern! (weil SI einheiten verwendet werden)

Hm. The reason is to stick to PCL standard as it uses SI units everywhere.
I don't think it's easy to switch all processing back. But you can
manually convert units to mm before saving cloud. Insert the following in
'writeCloudFile' function  body.

CloudPtr& ptr = const_cast<CloudPtr&>(cloud_prt);
for(size_t i = 0; i < ptr->points.size(); ++i)
      ptr->points[i].x *= 1000;
      ptr->points[i].y *= 1000;
      ptr->points[i].z *= 1000;


ASUS Xtion

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