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laser warning

Raumfahrtagentur Lasor Howto

Boot the Lazor

  • Apply Safety Glasses
  • Power up Water Pump
  • Power up Ventilation
  • Turn Laser Power down (Carves regulation to CCW)
  • Turn on the Laser (check power cord, flip "End Switch")
  • Check Ventilation and Water Pump


  • Alignment for objects is from left to right and from top to bottom
  • Try to align to the left most Position (X Axes end stop)
  • Use flat Material only!
  • No Materials with Chlorine! (Make Fire test to check)

Before Fire

  • check Machine Settings - Prefs. may have changed by another user.
  • Double check 'Move Frame' or 'Move Rect' before fire!
  • DON'T USE 'DRAW FRAME' or 'DRAW RECT' (buggy)
  • Shout "Fire the Lazor!" when ready

Parameter Range

  • Normal Parameter Cut Mode
    • Laser Power (min/max): 0.1A - 0.6A
    • Travel Speed (min/max): 10 mm/s - 60 mm/s
  • Military Power (extra cost, ask)
    • Laser Power: 1.2A
    • Slow speeds: < 10 mm/s
  • Write down Job runtime.

During Operation

  • If you see flames, somethings wrong! (add more Fan power or stop Process)
  • Don't look into the plasma! (this is what you see glowing)
  • When Job is done, keep Lid closed for a few more seconds for ventilation.

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