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Talk: DNA Origami

This Sunday, Decembre 8th at 13:00, Noah Most will give a talk on DNA origami at the Raumfahrtagentur:

Learn about DNA's powerful ability to make tiny structures -- even cancer-killing nano-robots that can flow through your blood. You'll learn the basics of this technique, from design to assembly. No biology background required!

Tuesday, May 15th, 7pm - Collapsonomics talk by Ella Saitta: "Your Infrastructure Will Kill You"

Dear fellow earthbound spacefarers,

tomorrow, Tuesday the 15th of May, Ella Saitta will give a talk elaborating on some of her investigations into the topic of fragile socioeconomic infrastructures - also known to the initiated as Collapsonomics.

The talk will start at 7pm at the Space Agency. It will last 45 minutes, and there will be time for discussion afterwards.

Talk outline:

The past century our infrastructure has seen both massive expansion and heavy centralization. When it fails, it fails big — this is the reality of our modern interconnectedness. We live in a world of crumbling bridges and bankrupt states, and our infrastructure will kill us. The people we're relying on to keep us safe are trying to accomplish long-term risk management with short-term thinking. So, what now? We can't opt out, but we can become more resilient, and we can start thinking about risk differently.

In this talk, we'll look at threat modeling in the real world, six ways to die, failing states, that big party in the desert, the failure of the humanitarian project, algae and the U.S. military, large-scale natural disasters, the power grid, and many other things. The problems we face are big in every sense of the word — they involve some of the biggest things we've ever built — but the solutions may not be. Can non-governmental networks step up when governments fail to provide basic services? Can we avoid a further expansion of neoliberalism in a post-infrastructural state? Are the power structures embedded in our infrastructure cultural destiny? What happens when maker culture grows up?

Interested? Come join us!

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DIYBio meeting this Wednesday

Dear carbon-based life forms,

the Space Agency would like to cordially invite you to the first installment of the monthly DIYBio Berlin meetup this Wednesday, March 7th, 19 o'yay local time.

As you may well know, DIYBio is a movement centered around getting biotech out into the open and into the hands of your average hacker, interested layperson, and passionate citizen scientist.

There has been a small biolab at the Space Agency for a while, but it's been a very lonely place for some time now, and it's time to get interested people together and talking to each other. For this purpose, there'll be a monthly meetup every first Wednesday of the month at the fabulous Space Agency.

Whether you're interested in actual bench work, bioinformatics, visualization porn, tinkering on electronics to make DIY lab equipment, or just conceptual work - it's all welcome.

A very rough agenda for this first meeting:

  • Get to know each other
  • Find out what each of us is interested in
  • Take stock of what equipment is available
  • Discuss project ideas
  • Brainstorm on the possibility of starting a Berlin DIYBio lab where more than one person at a time can actually work
  • Cake.

See you on Wednesday.

PS: Coordinates for the Space Agency: Gerichtstrasse 65, near S/U Wedding. Look for the big rocket sign and you'll find us.

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Vortrag von Jose Gomez-Marquez über DIY Medical Devices am Dienstag, 13.9.

Am Dienstag, den 13.09.2011, wird uns in der Agentur Jose Gomez-Marquez ab 20 Uhr mit einem Vortrag über die Arbeit des MIT Innovations in International Health Lab beehren [1].

Das IIHT beschäftigt sich vor allen Dingen mit DIY Medical Devices für den Einsatz in Entwicklungsländern. Jose ist für einen Monat in Berlin und freut sich auf einen Dialog mit den ortsansässigen Makern, Fabbern, Hackern und anderen Verrückten.

Die Vortrags- und Diskussionssprache wird Englisch sein. Alle interessierten kohlenstoffbasierten Lebensformen sind allerherzlichst zum gemeinsamen Lernen, Diskutieren und Gehirnstürmen eingeladen.

[1] Mehr Informationen zum IIH Lab: und